Custom Boat Covers

Custom Boat Covers & Residential Awnings in Fremont, OH

Chick’s Canvas aims to help boat owners and other customers get the industrial stitching services they need, no matter the application. We specialize in boat cover repair and customization, however our capabilities also extend to awnings and upholstery. Let us work our magic and provide you with strong stitches and a finished product you can count on.

  • Custom boat covers
    Your boat is a big investment. Make sure it’s protected with a custom canvas boat cover in Fremont, OH that’s both stylish and effective. We make sure every seam is stitched securely and no detail is overlooked. The result is a cover that’s waterproof, resistant to pooling, effective against the sun and wholly protective of your boat.
  • Custom residential awnings
    Awnings are a great way to enjoy your outdoor spaces, without baking in the sun or weathering a little drizzle. We’re able to design and fabricate custom residential awnings in Fremont, OH to fit your lifestyle and aesthetic preferences. Turn your outdoor patio or deck into a space you love to spend time on, shielded from the sun.
  • Boat cover repair
    Does your boat cover have rips, fraying or tears? Even small problems can lead to bigger ones if water, pests or sunlight penetrates your boat cover. Bring damaged covers to us for repairs and we’ll restore their integrity, so you can count on them to protect your boat.
  • Vehicle upholstery
    Your car and boat seats see a lot of wear and tear. If your upholstery is showing its age with tears or split seams, schedule an appointment with us. We stitch and repair upholstery to a like-new quality, so it holds up for as long as you own your vehicle.
  • Boat cover restitching
    If your trusty old boat cover is feeling a little flimsy, it’s time to explore re-stitching services. We’ll reinforce the stitching and strengthen seams so it continues to hold strong against the elements. It’s a much cheaper alternative to buying a brand-new cover—and just as effective!

Questions about our capabilities? If you’re in the Fremont, Stony Prairie, Ballville, or Sandusky County, OH area, contact the team today at 419-332-0050 to learn more. We welcome your questions and can collaborate with you on customization designs.